Throughout history the solutions to problems, and even solutions to problems we didn’t know we had, have been discovered by either venturing out of a discipline, or inviting those from other disciplines in.


Comedy has a lot in common with art. It reacts to an observation, experience or emotional resonance, expressing it through a chosen medium to an audience.


Where photography once overtook painting as the shower of truth, this title is now held by video. We see it used in one way or another by most, if not all disciplines.

The Artist-Curator

An artist makes artworks, thinking hard about communicating through their chosen media. In addition to this behaviour, an artist-curator thinks technically about how, why, where and when artworks (or outputs) will be consumed by an audience.

Tools (Vehicles for Research)

In this context a ‘tool’ is the specific vehicle employed to carry an idea to an audience. Although my attention is predominantly focused on the art world, visual culture, manufacturing and knowledge economies, a tool can be anything and come from anywhere.